Craig Blundell, nouveau batteur de PENDRAGON

Quelques jours seulement après l’annonce du départ de Scott Higham, le nom du nouveau batteur de PENDRAGON a été communiqué : il s’agit de Craig Blundell qui a déjà derrière lui une grosse expérience (Frost,  Dr, etc.).

« And here he is , we can now announce the new Pendragon drummer and his name is Craig Blundell.We are absolutely delighted to announce Craig as the new sticksman, he is an astonishing player and genuinely lovely guy. We start recording the drums with him for the new album on Friday.

Craig is respected globally as one of the leading educators, clinicians, motivators and innovators of his instrument and a true ambassador for British drumming. He is a face for Premier, Roland and Paiste internationally and over the years has played with many legends of music from many different genres. In more recent times he’s been working on many Progressive projects from Frost* to playing on albums alongside members of King Crimson Porcupine Tree, Van Der Graaf Generator and many more. He also writes music for TV and film that is aired in over 30 countries including a substantial amount of the drums for the BBC. Millions of people every day hear Craig’s work all over the world and we whole heartedly welcome him into the Pendragon Family. »

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