THE TANGENT : nouvel album « A Spark In The Aether » (LYRIC VIDEO)

Le 8ème album studio de THE TANGENT  ‘A Spark In The Aether – The Music That Died Alone Volume Two’  sortira le 20 avril 2015 via InsideOut.

pochette tangent spark 2015

Line-up : Andy Tillison (Chants et Claviers), Jonas Reingold (Basse), Theo Travis (Sax & Flûte), Luke Machin (Guitare) &Morgan Ågren (Batterie).

Andy Tillison: « This is an album that seeks to return to the core of what The Tangent means to me… after our big orchestral opus that we delivered in « Le Sacre Du Travail » we’re, to an extent, reining in the instrumentation to the 5 piece electric Prog Rock band and focussing a little more on that all-important second word of the genre name ‘Rock’. At least (grins with less than average teeth) for the first half!« .

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